Adam Baker

Selected product design & product management work.

Billings 2006-2007

Effortless time tracking and invoicing

A mockup for Billings 3.
And one of the early wireframes that preceded it, including one-click invoicing.
The experience that sold Billings: Instant, attractive invoices.

Billings 2006-2007

Effortless time tracking and invoicing

What it is

Billings was a breath of fresh air for one of the most tedious sets of activities independent businesspeople (especially creatives) face—time tracking and invoicing. AJ, the CEO of Marketcircle, correctly recognized the pain point and as the company’s head of design I helped bring Billings from a sketchy prototype through to a multi-user and actually pretty damn good product by the time I left. Billings 3 was the last project I worked on before departing Marketcircle for Google.

What’s special about it

Billings 1 and 2 were a little rough; it wasn’t until we hit 2.5 that we kinda figured out the right flows. The number one insight that we came to—besides the need to keep things fairly simple—was that you have to look good, with no mistakes, when you ask for money. Billings comes with a variety of attractive templates that produce professional templates, and starting with version 3 made it incredibly easy to send them. In general, the guiding principle of Billings was to take care of things for people, rather than make them take care of things.


I shepherded Billings from concept to version 3, and effectively product-managed it. In the last few months, our new designer (Brandon Walkin) took over the project, taking my wireframes and early mockups through fruition, and doing the first iPhone version. Up until then I had done all the UI, most marketing materials, instructional products, invoice templates, and even the box.

Looking back

I wish we had really seen the web coming, and gotten ahead of the future web-based competitors. In so many ways, Billings had a superior user experience, but it was—at least when I was at Marketcircle—part of the smaller Mac world, rather than the wider world of whatever platform people happen to be using.